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Execution of North Korea's Defense Chief

North Korea's defense minister Hyon Yong-chol has been executed, according to South Korea's spy agency.  

North Korean Official's Possible Execution the Source of Heated Speculation, link here

Article (digital) for ABC News

Koreas Ease Tensions for Now

In August 2015, inter-Korean tension began escalating when two South Korean soldiers lost their legs from a land mine explosion on South Korea’s side of the demilitarized zone. South Korea blamed Pyongyang for the blast and in retaliation, the South resumed broadcasting propaganda messages through loudspeakers stationed across the border, a practice that both sides suspended in 2004. Things took a dramatic turn when North Korea fired shells towards presumably the loudspeakers and South Korea retaliated again with dozens of artillery.

North, South Korea Agree to Quell Tensions, link here

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Cho Hyun-ah, the daughter of Korean Air chairman, came under the spotlight in 2014 for the infamous "nut rage" incident. She was sitting first class on a plane in New York bound for South Korea when she became furious at how the nuts were served. They were served in their original packaging rather than on a plate. She demanded the airplane taxi back to the gate.

Korean Air 'Nut Rage' Executive Sentenced to Prison, link here

Article (print & digital) for The Korea Times

90s Musicians All the Rage Again

With the release of "Sogyeokdong," a musical collaboration between 90s legendary musician Seo Tae-ji who was at the forefront of K-pop's beginnings and popular singer of today IU, the South Korean music chart has been seeing a return and success of 90s musicians. 

Veteran 1990s musicians sweeping music charts, link here

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This Tastes GREAT Press Conference

'This Tastes GREAT,' a campaign promoting British food in South Korea, will have several restaurants in Seoul offering special British cuisines for the public.

'This Tastes GREAT' event introduces British cuisine, link here

Article (print & digital) for The Korea Times

Mozart's Violin Played for the First Time in South Korea

A violin that belonged to music prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has been preserved at a museum in Mozart's hometown of Salzburg, Austria until it was removed from its case for the first time and brought to South Korea in an effort to promote tourism to the city.

Mozart's Violin Played for the First Time in Korea, link here